Row colors in new table

I feel like that I possibly insane but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to dynamically set the background color of rows in the new table component.

In the old table component it was quite straightforward under 'background' in the editor.

Can anyone gently guide me on how to do this with the new table component?


ah I see, it is not part of the new table component yet!

hey @bg1900 that's right, this is a feature request - I've linked this to that feature request internally so that we can update you when this functionality is added to new Table :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for letting us know you're interested in this!

@victoria mentioned over here that this'll probably look something more like a status indicator for each cell. Word from our dev team is that the ability to conditionally highlight/color cells with a status indicator should be available on Cloud in the new Table sooner than later (likely within a month).

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Any update on this? I'm not sure that a status indicator for each cell will solve it. Similarly to @bg1900's request (dynamically set row color as in old table, perhaps based on a condition?) I was looking for a way to set the background color of a column (not dynamically but that will be nice for other use cases I can imagine).


Hi @bg1900 @magnus - some updates for you! In summary, it's now possible to customize (and dynamically set) background color in Table column settings on both Cloud and self-hosted Retool (v3.6). See these comments on other similar posts for more context on where/how to do so:

And this is perhaps further from what you're looking for, but since I had mentioned status indicators above:

Hope this gets you closer if not all the way to the functionality you were looking for! :slightly_smiling_face:

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