Dynamic Column Order & Background Color

With the Legacy Table, I was able to let the user set their column order, but also save certain things like background color to the columns. For example, the column "profit" was red when negative and green when positive. The user could have their table go ['spend', 'revenue', profit'] or ['profit', 'spend'] whichever floated their boat. And the profit column would always be green when positive or red when negative.

With the New Table design, I see how I can dynamically adjust column order, by creating the table without "profit" or "spend" or any columns, then selecting "use dynamic column settings". This actually works really well for selecting column order. BUT I can't figure out how to change the background color on a dynamically created column. OR if I could dynamically put the status indicator add on, that would also solve it, as I can have up arrow when it is good and down arrow when it is bad.

Anyone figure this out? If not, can we get a request? I really want to use this new table cuz its faster, but it is missing some really basic features and makes it really hard.

Hey @szabon,

I just had a similiar problem. As a workaround I changed the column type to HTML and then manipulated the data. In my case I wanted to hightlighted the lowest value by row. For this I mapped the lowest value to <mark>{{item}}</mark> in a javascript query. A similiar solution should probably also work for you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @szabon, thanks for flagging this! I'll go ahead and log a feature request for adjusting the appearance/ add-ons of dynamic columns. As a workaround in the meantime, what @philipp1 suggested should work! End users should also be able to drag columns around to reorder them, but the column order isn't persisted beyond the current user session.