Table - double enter doesn't work anymore


It looks like there was an update on the edit column of the table component.
When editing values in a column of a table, we used to type 2 times on enter (the keyboard touch) to go to the next line - this is really handy to edit / enter data.
It is a functionality that we are using a lot.
However, since yesterday it doesn't work anymore ..

Can you advise please?

Many thanks,


Even when deprecating the table it doesn't work anymore.

There is an option to click only once if turned off... (it's working for me)
What version of Retool are you on? Self hosted? Cloud?
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 7.08.49 AM
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 7.08.44 AM

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We are on a cloud solution.

I tried :

  • Deprecating the table
  • toggling on / off this new feature (Double click to edit cells)

but still have the same issue and impacting heavily the time required to go through our processes.

What version are you running currently?
All versions below are cloud versions:
Personal version is 2.102.0 and it works for me.
Another version 2.101.1 and it works for me (Business plan)
And another version 2.102.0 works for me (Enterprise plan)

Are you on a particular plan (though this should not matter)

Our version is 2.102.0
we have a specific plan (The modern milkman)

I would revert back to the newer component, test again, and then chat with support directly if it doesn't work - sorry not much I can do from where I sit...

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This is indeed a known issue on our end! Our engineers are currently aware of it and we'll let you know here when a fix has been pushed @Bastien!

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Hey folks! Just want to report back here that this seems to be working as of 2.103, if anyone on that version is still encountering this issue please let me know here so we can look into it further!