Table data gets confused when date range updated

I have a Module that contains a date range picker and a multi-selector (which allows you to select employees). In one app, I have a table that allows you to see all rows for the selected employees, during the selected date range.

I'm having an issue where changing the selected date range causes phantom "edited" cells to appear in the table. A cell will turn yellow, often at the top, and the "cancel", "save changes" buttons will appear. Clicking cancel does nothing, unless you paginate away from the first page. Then "cancel" will clear the change.

I have found that the problem goes away if the table has a chance to "clear out" before the new date is received. For instance if you click the start date, and then click the start handle on the calendar so that the start date effectively becomes null, the table will clear out. Then if you click the date you want, there is no phantom cell. But without doing this the issue is 100% consistent.

My workaround for now is to edit my module broadcast "null" for 1 second before updating to the date you actually selected. (I'm using a temporary state and debouncing for this).

With this 1 second null, the table has a chance to empty, and then repopulate with the new data, and there is no phantom cell. Of course, that means the view is less responsive by 1 second.

Hey isaiah.taylor, thanks for flagging this for us! I've tried reproducing this base on your description with no success. Can you share a screenshot of what these phantom "edited" cells look like? Or better yet could you share a screen recording of the workflow that produces these edited cells?

Hi @everett_smith , here's a screen record of the phantom cell issue.

Hey isaiah.taylor, Thanks for that screen recording and for all this information on this issue! This is a bug we're aware of with the Date Picker column type. I've added you to the report for this issue and I'll notify you here of any updates internally. Are you able to get by with the workaround you've described until we can ship a fix for this bug?

Yes, the 1 second null delay is working fine for now. Thank you!

Thanks for flagging this @isaiah.taylor ! I've been having the same issue with a table (though not in a module). The issue for me seems to be the Date Picker column type when a filter is changed. Sometimes it seems to input a date that wasn't there before, so definitely concern for data integrity in my app if a user saves the changes.

@everett_smith -- Are you able to add me to the list to keep me posted on the status of this? Are there any other workarounds that I can implement to fix this in the interim? Thank you!

Hey scottborecki, Sorry for the delay here! This is a separate issue that we are also aware of. I've added you to the list and I'll notify you here of a fix for this bug.

Changing your column type from 'Auto' to 'Text: single line'

should resolve the issue as a temporary workaround.

Hey @isaiah.taylor and @scottborecki, I just wanted to let you know that we shipped a new Date column type that should have fixed this issue! If you make this Date column editable, then it functions similarly to the deprecated Date Picker column type.

Can you confirm that you don't see the phantom cell bug with the new Date column on your end?

Hey @everett_smith , switching to that column type has indeed fixed the problem! Thanks so much!