Bug - Table Column Lock Icon displays even on editable fields such as data type dropdown

Hello Retool Team,
There appears to be a bug where the lock icon is displaying on the column headers even when the data type is dropdown and not restricted.


Thank you


Hey there :wave: I am trying to recreate this behavior and haven't been successful so far.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your table component setup (in the right panel)?\

Ah, I figured it out. When you change the component type to Drop Down without setting the edit flag the lock displays. If I switch it back to Auto, enable to the edit then the lock icon is removed.

However, you can edit the values via the dropdown even when the lock icon appears.

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Edit is disabled when dropdown is selected:

but I can still edit the column:

Hey @teamrappid thanks for all the detail here. As an update, we still haven't been able to reproduce on either the latest Cloud version of Retool or the past few versions of On-Prem. Just to confirm, are you on version 2.82?

I also want to make sure I understand the end goal you're going for: Are you hoping to make the dropdown editable to end users, and not have that lock icon (as that would be a confusing experience)? Are you seeing this same issue in other tables, or just in the current table you're working with?

Yes, the dropdown is editable and the lock icon is confusing.

What prompts the lock icon to display? It appears this has been updated in the latest version of the cloud version.

Hi @teamrappid - are you still seeing this on the current version of Cloud?

>What prompts the lock icon to display?

I was able to pinpoint this: the lock icon displays on non-editable columns when the majority of columns are editable. In the below example table with sample data, I've made every column editable except for id, so the lock icon displays next to id rather than showing the pencil icon on all of the other columns:

However, I still haven't been able to get a table into a state where the lock icon persists on a Dropdown type column. For me, the checkbox is always checked and the dropdown columns get grayed-out as always editable (like in the screenshot below).

Are you seeing this issue in all tables in all apps? If it's not too much effort to create your table as a fresh new table in a new app, I'd be interested to know if you still see the issue?

Hi @kbn -
Thanks for the insight, that is interesting and good to know.

I am not able to replicate this anymore, it appears this has been fixed in a more recent version. There was a version where I was able to select dropdown and the edit flag did not toggle automatically. But it appears to work as expected now.

Thank you!

You're very welcome, @teamrappid. Glad to hear this looks to be resolved now!

We've since clarified this behavior, thanks to your feedback here :tada: Let us know if you're still running into any issues!