Table Component - A Wishlist

Hiya! The table component is an absolute powerhouse already, however I think there are some small improvements that would save a huge amount of time when developing with it. Here is a list of things that I think would greatly improve the component and make it more robust:

  • Pivot Table - currently pivoting data doesn't work in AlaSQL queries. and it takes a super long time to Pivot things in Javascript. Other services have abstracted versions of pivoting tables that I think Retool would benefit a lot from. For example - Chartio (being deprecated March 1) has a simple pipeline section where you can transform data in seconds. image
    I would love to have a data transformation functions like this on the right hand panel to manipulate.

  • Snap to Fit Columns : Right now I spend an embarassing amount of time eye-balling column widths and playing with their sizing. (sometimes nearly an hour for an app) I would love to be able to double click a column and it snaps to the best fit position for the data set. This would make tables consistently pretty.

  • Column Totals: I feel in most table use cases column totals are useful. I often include the total in the column header using a lodash function, but would love a toggle to add a row on the bottom for totals.

  • Column AVGs: This is similar to column sums but for percent column types.

  • Table Header and Footer: This one is pretty self explanatory. Screen real estate is already limited in Retool,, so adding a header and footer for tables would be of huge value.

  • Custom Column values accessible in table properties: Mapped columns are great! Its super easy to make these columns, however you can't easily access their values. I feel like this creates confusion on where to manipulate data. Should they be just manipulating in a query transformer? Or can they use mapped columns? I would love to be able to access these values easily in some type of property (something like {{table1.displaedData}} which shows all values from the table.

  • Dispaly as HTML Toggle for All column Types : Currently this toggle is not available to all column types - This should be available for each. The current work around we are using mainly is just leaving the column unformatted and converting to localeString when this isn't available for a column type

  • UI for manipulating Column colors - right now one can write Javascript to manipulate the color of a column, I would love there to be a robust UI to write conditional logic for colors.

  • Data Validation for Inline Editing Right now there isn't validation for inline editing - I feel like a lot of people use inline editing and think this would be a great ui feature

  • Combine Action Columns and custom columns Wrote about this in September - Combine "Actions" section of table and custom columns. Add event handlers to custom columns . I think that action columns and custom columns cause a lot of confusion.

  • "Tags" Custom Column - right now there isn't a way to display an array of tags easily inside of a table. In my head I imagine tags similar to those in an Asana board. Adding a column type of "tags", would be extremely nice, and make for super pretty tables.

  • Multiple Sort - right now you can only sort by one thing - would love to define more logic here



Did any of these get on the roadmap?
The column totals (count,sum,min, max like excel) would be a great feature to have out of the box

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Hi there! :wave:

Most of these (very helpful requests) either haven't been added yet or will be added sometime in the future.

We did add a tags column type though!

The pivot table and multiple column sort requests are requested internally as well, but I don't have a timeline. I'll post here if we ship either of those!

We also have a request on file to autoset column widths -- I'm not sure what this will look like, but again, I can post any updates that I get internally

It sounds like we're exploring how to do the column summaries, but aren't ready to ship anything there quite yet


Thanks Tess :slight_smile:

Would also like to add in different sizing capabilities. Would love to shrink down a table similar to an image in a word doc - as in making the font/ size of the table smaller not just hiding rows

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Such a struggle for me too. We spend more time trying to use the app than we do using the app. :joy:

Another request is a Row Double Click event. I would like to be able to double click a row and open an edit modal or a view detail modal or some such.

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