Pivot Table for data exploration

As a data tool, I find myself really needing a pivot table. I am creating like 10 querries and slowing things down considerably just to give the users some semblance of a pivot table.

It would be really great to have something that could pivot data, or at the very least dynamically group data without having to write a billion lines of code.

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Hi @szabon ,

did you consider to use a js transformer with a bit of lodash, such as:

{{_.groupBy(query1.data, 'country')}}

Hope this help

Thanks for the request @szabon and the suggestion @abusedmedia! :grinning: We have a ticket submitted for a pivot table component. I'll let you know when there are updates on that!

Hi there. I've asked a few times about pivot tables (and written my own js from scratch). However I think a really good interim, possibly permanent solution would be to integrate react-pivottable as a custom component.

However, I've tried, but (a) my development chops are not up to it and (b) I find the custom component help confusing, it's not really clear on what syntax you should use to pass data from the model to component.

Also, it doesn't appear to be available on cdnjs, so not really sure how you include the library.

If anyone (community or ReTool team) fancied setting up an example installation I think that would make a lot of people very happy. :smile: