Table Column as Tags (Pills) or HTML-equivalent?

Looks like the Tags (rounded pill-shaped multicolored words) component isn't an option for a column format in a table.

Unless someone knows how to magically do that, anyone have a hot tip/script to use as an HTML transform to take that column data and display as a series of Tags/pills?


I have good news—we're rolling out a feature like this now! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I'm happy to give you early access; just let me know!

Would love it very much! Let me know what I need to do on my end.

Nothing needed on your end besides a browser refresh—you should now see a "Single tag" option when choosing a table column's type!

Thank you, I've refreshed and see the "Single tag" option in the list.

However, when I select, the choice doesn't "take" and pops back to its previous value (Auto).


Hey there :wave: This should be rolled out to everyone at this point, are you still running into blockers?

It is working now, but what is the secret to formatting the data correctly so that if you want to represent 2 individual tags/pills in a single cell, you don't inadvertently end up with a single tag/pill that looks like this:



Unfortunately, this column type is a "Single Tag" so that is the expected behavior.

@lauren.gus It would be much better UI if we have multiple tag available

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Hi @ishi8! Would the Multiple Tags column type be helpful for you?

I would definitely use this!!

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Awesome! Let me know how that works out for you :pray:'s not an option for me when I pop that component open. "Multiple Tags" isn't selectable.

Hmmmm :frowning: Just to double check, are you on Cloud or Self Hosted?

@victoria multiple tag column type is not available for me

I'm using the standard Cloud solution. Not self-hosted.

Ah, hm! This may still be behind a feature flag while we work out the links. Sorry for showing off something that’s not available to you! I tested on my person org (separate from my employee org) and had it there, so I figured it was generally available.

Coming very soon to an org near you :blush:

@victoria please try to come up with this feature as this is much needed for UI perespective.

Absolutely. I asked the team in charge for any updates here, and will follow up on this thread once I hear any news :blush:

I’m also curious if I could potentially enable this feature behind some sort of beta flag for you. I’m AFK this evening, but once I’m back at my desktop tomorrow morning, l’ll check and let you know!

Sure I am using cloud solution of retool. Let me know.

Thanks @victoria