Request for multi select column type inside table component

This would make it so one doesn't have to create a form to edit a field that has an array as values

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We're working on it! Thank you for the +1 and vote of confidence that we're working on the right thing :slight_smile:

Will keep this thread updated with any news.

As a quick note, would this workaround help?

hi. clever but too many clicks.

Understandable! Will keep you updated on the launch of the multi tag column :+1:

Just wanted to update this thread with some exciting news. The multiple Tags column (called Tags) is available on our new Table component :slight_smile: Drag in a new Table component to check it out!

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The Tags fields works great with the Postgres array data types. No extra wiring or transforming needed, just use it like the Tag column to get multiselect.