I am trying to solve this basic issue

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Hi @devonso! Just saw this post that hasn't been replied to yet :cry: How can I help here? Do you have any specific questions?

the issue is the multi tag feature through the single tag column type is not working as it should, I have a basic table and I want to be able to select different "status" or states for a given row say "in progress", "completed", "idle" etc, so I want a dropdown with those options I can pick one of them and set the status for my give row.

The issue is the single tag type only shows 2 options to pick from it won't show a dropdown of 3 or 4 options.

Hmm there should be as many options as you'd like in the Tag (dropdown) column type! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your column configuration? :slight_smile:

yes that's what I want it to be, here is the link to previous uploads Tag Dropdown not showing the list of values to select from

also what's your data source, is {{item.deal_name}} an array?

Got it! So when you pass in a SQL query as your data source (like I am doing in my example), you can specify which column you want to use for your dropdown values.

In my example, query1 is a SQL query that returns data as an object of arrays so you're exactly right, {{ item.deal_name }} is an array of deal name values!

Which works, since the dropdown column expects an array of values :slight_smile:

yes so I tried with a basic array of data like data: ["item1", "item2"], but it won't show the options, one of the developers said it was a bug on their end. I haven't tried it with queries from SQL as I was playing around with it and wanted to test basic functionality.

Ah, got it! So I think the tag column only accepts data from 2 sources: values from a column from a specified query (like in my example) or the values from a column already in the table.

In the regular Select (dropdown) component, you can pass in a hardcoded array and it works just fine, but it doesn't seem possible to do that same test in the tag column!

yeah it should be able to do for prototyping purposes I guess