Tag Dropdown not showing the list of values to select from

Hi I have a basic table with a tag(dropdown) options, I am using a hardcoded data from my side panel. I have a column Status: [test, test2], that has an array of string values I want to use as dropdown options. The status array is not showing on the dropdown options to pick them as tags.

I use option value {{item}} but it keeps saying value input error. I can do item[0] etc but that would show only one value. How do I make it that I can see a list of values to select from.
Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 1.16.54 PM

Tag this as support, as I have seen this issue come up recently as well.

how do I tag it, this Ui is one of the most confusing Ui I have ever seen.

Hi Alonso! So unfortunately this is an existing bug within the Table component for tag (dropdown) column types. Our eng team is on it and I can notify you when it's fixed here.

As a potential workaround, will the "Multiple Tags" column type work for your use case?

I can't find a multitag column option for tables, is that for columns only?

It is a "Column Type" for when you are editing a specific column of a Table

I don't see it on my end

is there a way I can get the multiple tag to show

My apologies! The multiple tags column above is actually a development feature behind a flag, and hasn't been released yet to all orgs.

Another work-around I can offer is to change the column type to "Text", and to set the mapped value to {{ _.toString(self)}} -- this allows for the array values to render.

Hope this helps!

no problem, I need to show only one of the values in the array and wanted to be able to pick any of those from the options dropdown. I will try the Text. Edit: Tried it but is not what my use case need is.

My problem is that when I do Tag column I want to be able to see few options to select from not just one like in my current case. I don't need to add multiple tag but one tag among many which I can select. The drop down options don't appear except one option only.

When is the multi tag release coming out?


Unfortunately I don't have an estimated release date from the eng team at this time -- but I will update here when I know more!

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I have table with insights, there every insight has category as JSON. I want to make it possible to change or add new category type. I made transformer on edit, every thing is fine, except displaying self category for every insight. Can you kind to suggest any solution for this issue.
Some images for more details.

Why doesn't displays category on table?

I don't thing the single Tag option works properly, you can't show more than one option to swap

Hi @shawntax, can you analyze my question with dropdown(json elements) on table, plz.

Hi @Nurbek ! Sorry for the delay here.

It seems like you are running into the same regression as Alonso. Your transformer looks correct, it's just an issue with our tag (dropdown) column type in rendering it.
Our eng team is on it, and I will notify you here as soon as it's fixed!

I'd recommend using a json column type with a similar mapping as a work-around for now.

That's right @devonso, that is part of the existing bug unfortunately.

hi everyone. new to retool, and building our first app at the moment.

we have a situation where we also require a table to contain multiple tags. therefore, following this thread!

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how does a json column type work as a work around?

@devonso it would be similar to using the Text column -- if you have a an array of objects following @Nurbek 's example, you could use a mapped value with template literals like:

 self.map(({en, jp}) => `(${en}/${jp})`).join(" ")

And that should at least display the values in your table.