Styling on selected row in new table

Has the ability to style selected rows been removed? Or is there another way to do it now?

I have a legacy table with follow options:

Then I have a new table with only these options:


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Hi @AndreasE Thanks for reaching out! The "Accent" color will be the background color of the selectedRow

What other styling are you looking to add? I can check whether it's being worked on :blush:

Hey @Tess, accessing the currentRow in the styling properties would be very useful. Say I had a table of people with a column/property of favorite_css_color, I might want to set the row background to that color - I might want to tint those colors when the row is selected, too. (Not a pretty UI Idea, but it explains the usecase. I've run into the issue of being unable to change the selected row color, myself)

Thanks! I agree that we could make this easier - it looks like we have a request on file to expand this functionality

If it helps, I'm currently seeing that currentSourceRow is working (despite the error) on individual column background colors:

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