Something went wrong


Been working with Retool for about a month now and I was just about to roll out a very simple app for people to use on their iPads.

But when I open the link from an iPad, both in Safari and Chrome, I just get

"Something went wrong
... etc"

Any ideas? Kind of don't know where to start, can't see anything on the forums, the app itself couldn't be much simpler if it tried, essentially a page with links on it.

UPDATE: It actually seems to be an error just whenever I visit Are there certain iOS versions that are just incompatible?


Hey @kaleidoscope!

Sorry to hear you're running into this issue. Would you mind sharing the iOS version that you're on? It might also be helpful if you could post a screenshot of the exact error you're getting so that we can investigate further!

I've done a bit more investigating, it seems the issue is just on the original iPad Air.

The maximum version of iOS for that device is 12.5.5

Don't have a screenshot at the moment but I'll upload one when I can.

Ah I see, unfortunately, we only support iOS 13+ at the moment :confused: There's a thread on it here where we'll report back when support for older versions has been included!

Thanks Kabirdas, that's exactly the issue, not sure why that thread didn't come up when I searched.

Realistically if it's not on the roadmap now, every day that goes past makes less sense for you to want to support it. But that's fine, now that I understand it, we can work around it.

Thanks for your help.


Is this still and issue? What is the latest iOS version currently supported for access to retool apps via a web browser?

Hey @bg1900!

Retool still supports iOS 13+ is there a particular version you're having trouble with? And are you seeing the exact same symptoms as the original poster or something slightly different?