ReTool Public App Not Working in Safari

So far, the public app I've developed works great! It shows up in my Safari and Google Chrome browsers just fine.

However, when some of my staff try to access my public app link in Safari, it results in them having a blank page.

Upon some investigation, they sent me this screenshot of their console.log page, and it looks to be an issue with ReTool throwing a 404 issue.

Weirdly enough, it works for both of us when we use Google Chrome though.

I'm wondering, how can I reproduce the issue in our browsers to uncover why this is happening? Is there any way to export environmental variables that ReTool is using, or capture the browser state beyond this console.log? I'd like to get this public app working for all browsers that are customers may be using. Thank you!

I just asked my staff to record a Loom, and it looks like another member is experiencing the same issue (of, can't find variable a), and then causing a 404.

Weirdly enough, refreshing the page does fix it.

Hi @Jeffrey_Yu,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I haven't been able to reproduce yet. Is this a shortened loop of the loom your staff recorded? If so, would you mind dropping the loom link?

Yes, here is the loom link shown: Google - 12 June 2024 | Loom

Let us know what information you would need browser-wise to reproduce the issue!

Thank you! Is there in difference in the version of safari or devices?