Login / auth issues on mobile app

Hi, I'm trying to figure out a login issue with the retool android app.

I've been testing using 2 different Android handhelds - Zebra TC57HO running Android 10, and a Chainway C66 (brand new) mobile computer running Android 9.

In both, when I open the app, I get this screen:

When I click login to retool, I get this blank screen, and it just hangs there

So it seems like the login flow isn't working. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks!

Are you able to visit login.retool.com in Chrome on that same device? If so, this may be related to the device not having enough RAM.

Hi @bca yeah the device won't seem to load login.retool.com either. Retool.com will load but it's a little janky.

Maybe just a limitation of too old of a device? FWIW this device has 3GB ram and about 1.2GB "available".

We're hoping to develop on the retool platform using the Zebra integration, so any info you have to share would be helpful re: minimum tech specs, etc.


I'd try connecting the Android Chrome debugger and seeing if it prints anything useful. Can you also share a video of what it looks like to load both login.retool.com and www.retool.com on that device?

I would also try loading a different website, like youtube.com and nytimes.com, just to check you can browse other websites fine.

I figured it out with the debugger.

The version of Chrome is too old and it's throwing a JS error that appears to be related to optional chaining on login.retool.com

Unfortunately on the device I have, I can't seem to update Chrome.

Going to test with some other devices. Thanks for the help!

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Hey, thanks for this report! We'll take a look and see if we can figure out a fix on our end.

Absolutely! Here's a screenshot of the error, forgot to include it. I think it's the lack of support for optional chaining in older chrome causing it based on my research

Hi! These are the browsers we officially support today. We'll add a browser version check to the login page, which will make it more obvious when you try to login with an old browser.

and_chr 115
and_ff 115
and_qq 13.1
and_uc 15.5
android 115
chrome 115
chrome 114
edge 115
edge 114
firefox 115
firefox 114
firefox 102
ios_saf 16.5
ios_saf 16.4
opera 100
opera 99
safari 16.5
safari 16.4
samsung 21
samsung 20

Since JavaScript and HTML are constantly evolving, and since Retool is a major frontend webapp that uses all the HTML5/ESNext features, we do need to draw the line somewhere in order to keep moving forward with the web.

But optional chaining has been supported since Chrome 80, which was released in 2020. Android 10 continued to get updates until end-of-life in February 2023. Are you sure you can't update Chrome? There should be a way to see your Chrome version in the settings panel.

That said, login is kind of the canary. It's literally the first page your phone has seen, so this is just the first of the problems you might encounter.

I'm seeing a blank white screen at login on all of our android devices. Apple device works fine

Hi Jeff, totally fair points. The device I was testing is on Chrome 77 which is 2019.

The thing is, handheld-scanner type of devices tend to be pretty locked down in what you can do with them, and a lot of companies tend to use these devices for 5+ years without being able to make software updates.

It depends on the brand and the age of the device but updating the Android version or some apps (apparently Chrome) can be very difficult.

I was testing with 2 different devices, a Chainway C66 and a Zebra TC57HO. I think I'll be able to get the Zebra to work, but the Chainway is the one where I can't update Chrome.

No big deal on my end. We'll keep testing different devices. Just something that was worth sharing if you're looking to cater toward barcoding applications. (This is a great use-case for Retool IMO, and we're planning to build some apps once we get hardware figured out)