Snowflake template not working

I only discovered Retool earlier this week and starting to play with it now.

I want to build apps using Snowflake as the database and I saw this template but it always renders as a white screen.

I found the link on this page :

BUT .... if I simply create a new app in Retool I can't find the Snowflake template at all.

At the moment I want my first app to be a "simple" graph with the ability to filter the data (dates, other values) via a series of dropdown filters across the top of the screen. I can create the graph, I can create the dropdown but I can't see to link the two together.

Hi @Chris_Mc Thank you for reaching out about this & welcome to Retool! It turns out this template is an outdated legacy template, which is why it cant be accessed currently :disappointed:. We are in the process of revamping our templates and this one is in the queue to be re-done

We're happy to help with your standalone charts & dropdown filters in the meantime! Can you share some screenshots?

Here are some potentially helpful resources for the time being

1 Visualize data with the Chart component | Retool Docs
2 When to use double curly brackets {{ }}

Typically, you'd connect the filter components to the data source (query, transformer, etc) that populates the graph: