Severe bug on sidebar, being shaded

Since a couple of days ago, a grey veil appears when we set to "not hidden" our sidebar and prevents from clicking on any button.
This bug appeared few days ago without making any modification in our code: so this definitely comes from Retool.
This veil is not visible in edit/debug mode (retool is definitely not wysiwyg at all...): so we cannot analyze and fix it or implement any bypass.
Anyone has any idea of solution or do we have no other choice but quitting retool and redeveloping our solution in another environment, asap? Because we are in serious trouble with our customers...

Hi @Dymalle, thanks for reporting and I'm sorry you were encountering this bug. I merged in a fix this morning and it should be resolved on cloud. Please let me know if you continue running into any issues.


Yes. This is fixed! Thank you!

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