BUG: Retool new Preview Mode Breaks the option "Always show in Edit Mode"

Retool's new update for the Preview Mode breaks the option "Always show in Edit Mode".

The hidden fields still apearing even if you click in "Preview".

This way it's impossible to know if the logic for the hidden fields is working or not, because if you check "Always show in Edit Mode", the component will render even in Preview Mode.

Please, fix that!

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Same exact issue for me — @Erasmo_Bellumat laid it out perfectly.

This is a bad regression (it never happened when previewing the latest working changes the legacy way) and affects my ability to easily know what critical information may be displayed to my users — one especially important text component, a directive for what action to take based on results of a query, with implications for important clients — seemed to be showing when it shouldn't have been. Gave me an unnecessary scare!

I have dozens, perhaps hundreds of components across our suite of apps that intentionally make use of "Always show in Edit Mode", whether it be on or off, so this is important.

Please get on this ASAP, Retool!

Engineering is aware, see Will's ack here. And Victoria's escalating it too here. I think you've outlined a good title here so hopefully will stop the leak of dupes soon!

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Hey @Erasmo_Bellumat and @dguzzo!

We have a PR open for the fix and it should land on Cloud shortly (sometime this week). In the meantime, I disabled the flag causing this issue for both of your orgs. Things should be back to normal for you, but if not, please do let me know!

I'm sorry this happened and caused so many problems for you.

And @Nina, thank you so much for stepping in here to share the update on our behalf before we had a chance to step in. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @victoria ,
You seem to be able to desactivate the guilty feature ? considering I'm facing the same issue when using preview mode, would you be able to do it also for my account.
I don't know when you expect to deploy patch in production but except if it's today, I would appreciate your support

Hey @Laurent_Fourreau, absolutely. Just disabled it for your org! Let me know if you run into any other problems.

Hey just wanted to update that we've fixed this issue! Please let us know it still doesn't work the way you expect it to.

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Yes I confirm the fix and it works fine now