How to prevent Access to edit to other users

We are 5 users at organization but I don't want to give them access to edit to apps how can I prevent that. Thanks

You will need to upgrade to Business Plan, it will give you the control of users permissions

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Hi @dinkok,

@Oscar_Ortega has solved your question but I just wanted to mention that you are not alone in wondering how to prevent access to apps for a small number of users.

Confusingly/deceptively? Retool say on the Teams plan that end users exist. However, their definition for an end user on Teams is not the same as the definition on the Business plan. This is due to the permissions being different.

I feel this is unfair and I got caught out building an application which I believed would work on Teams until I discovered that the users could not be locked out of edit mode.

I hope you have managed to resolve this, I am now (reluctantly) paying for the Business plan.

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