Retool Public URLs getting flagged by Outlook and getting Authentication Failure. Missing Access Token error

This is happening to a few people who are getting emails with URLs to public Retool apps:

This may be two issues but some are getting the message, Authentication Failure. Missing Access Token:

Actually, I am getting the same error when going to the web site from a Chrome logged in (to the browser, not Retool) as a different user.

I am not doing any authentication with OATH, SSO or such on this page.

Edit: If I Duplicate the app and make it public, the dup works - no error.

Hey! Just want to post here for other folks that may run into something similar. Some time ago a particular group of users had abused Retool public apps for a phishing scam which may have led to public URLs being marked as unsafe. The team is looking into it and we can report back here when it has been resolved.

Bumping this thread up. Any resolution on this one @Kabirdas ? I've been experiencing this lately only for a few people and not for everyone.

Hey @kelvin-reyes, no updates yet, but thanks for reporting that you're running into the same issue! I'll pass it along to the dev team.

Setting the Domain name in the new Portals Branding seems like it would bypass the issue entirely as it is no longer tied to the domain the bad actors exploited -