Pre-subscription questions

I am trying to build a tool that will make public tenders available to entrepreneurs. These clients will pay me a fee to access the platform without making any modifications or changes.

I am wondering whether they need to be standard users, end users, or if I need to build my own login system and make the web app publicly available. Please advise me on which option is best for this use case.

Secondly, as multiple people will be using the app, I want to know if my workflows will run multiple instances or if they will all be firing up the same instance, because I do not want one user to see the response from another user's actions, and I need the app to be fast.

Thank you.

Hello @Youssouf_Ouologuem!

Thanks for your question! On our Business plan and higher you can create groups with specific permissions, which includes limiting who can make edits. Current billing information can be found in our docs. This section on user types is really helpful if you need clarification!

Check out our documentation to learn more about permissions.

Here is some additional read you might find useful:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

In regards to your last question, can you share a screenshot of the workflow trigger in your app? Thanks!

Hi Abbey, thank you so much for you answer

Here are the two workflows I am triggering in my app

Also, I am interested in the business plan and possibly the Retool portal, I have a list of 600 users and will be charging them $15 a month. This is not feasible with your pricing.

Can I have my own login system or use authentication on a public view?

Thank you.

Hey @Youssouf_Ouologuem!

The Public feature doesn't require any user authorization for access. Instead, anyone with a link can view your application.

If your application requires auth I would suggest using a Portal. You can use Embed if you would like to nest your app in an existing site with it's own auth.

This explanation from another forum post, in addition to the article linked about about temporary variables will be highly useful to you!

Temporary State variables will not be synced across different instances of the same app, they will be isolated to each browser session for that specific app. The temp state variable will be reset to its initial value at the start of every new browser session in the app. If you reload your browser, the temp state variable will be reset. The initial value of a temp state variable might not necessarily be null, but will be whatever it is set to.

Let me know if that clears things up :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Now regarding your last question, if I make the web app public and 10 people use it, will they all trigger the same workflows repeatedly? I need each user to have a separate instance.

There are two reasons you most likely will not want your app to be public:

- You wouldn't be able to query any resources that have user authentication.

- It wouldn't allow you you charge users using your application since it is public to anyone.

While users will be triggering the same workflow, they will have unique trigger instances. I can't confirm if user will be able to see responses from previous users without seeing the specifics of your workflow.

I posted the workflow trigger in my app as you asked, could you please check and tell me if you need anything else in order to answer the question?

It depends on how you are storing information coming from the user. It might helpful to additionally send over screenshots of the queries you're triggering.

And of course, you can always come into office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 am PT for additional help!

So, I have a table with a button that triggers the queries. The button retrieves a link from the row the user clicks, and that link is sent to the workflow which returns text after running some APIs.

Here are the screenshots of the steps:

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 5.01.58 PM

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 5.00.57 PM

Unless you're saving output of a workflow and allowing users to view that data, then responses from the workflows should refresh per session!

Based off of my understanding off your application, the data will most likely not persist from one session to another. I would have to see the queries to know for sure. Feel free to send screenshots or come to office hours if you want them reviewed. :+1:

You can also try the app out yourself with a private browser to know for sure :slight_smile:

Hi Abbey, want to quickly ask when you say "public feature" in above, is it the "public url" function in Business and Enterprise Plan? So these users would not be charged per user since it is publicly available?

If my application requires auth which your suggestion is to use a Portal, will that user count as an End User then?

Hi @ailiang, Welcome to the forum! :tada:
Yes, that is the feature / plans I am referring to.
Earlier when I said:

I meant that because the app is public, anyone could visit they page making it difficult for the admin to charge visitors of their application. However, the admin of the Retool instance will be charged per user visiting the app.