Is Retool intended for onboarding our users/customers?

We are wondering if it’s possible to onboard our users / customers to views that we build in Retool.

We are planning to build out basic admin / dashboard / reporting functionality in Retool that our users can login and access.

We’re just unsure if this is an intended usecase for Retool- can you confirm?

Any feedback or guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you in advanced,


Hi Tom,

Thank you for messaging the Retool community! :grinning:

To answer your question, yes, you can allow your apps to be used by your customers. Check out our user permission docs, which should prove helpful for your intended use case(s).

Let me know if this helps or if you have any more questions!



Thank you for guiding us on this Jay.

Is it possible to save a variable on a user to—for example—store a password?

We couldn't find this in the docs, any help appreciated.


So if I want to do that I need the Pro User. But if I have 100's of clients, I'll have to pay 50 bucks for each? even if they have limited only View access so some of my apps?

I've tried embedding an app, but that limits me to one page app only.

I've build a very complex internal tool using retool, It works for us even some sql queries are slow. But we want to grant some access to our clients, mainly tracking orders, see invoices, and that kind of stuff thats only a small part of our internal app.

So to sum it up, is it possible to invite external, only view users at a differnet pricing plan than a PRO user?

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Hey there, Tom & Charlie,

Great questions! Anyone with a Retool account counts as a user pricing-wise, editor or otherwise. On the Pro plan, you do get the public apps feature, which lets you build apps that are publicly available to anyone with the URL. Whoever uses that link won't need a Retool account, so you won't be charged for them. Since the app is public though, you wouldn't want it to have any user-specific information or dangerous functionality (I.E. deleting rows in a database).

Retool is primarily set up for a single company to build internal tools to be used by its employees to do their job. Since this has been our focus, our plans are currently set up around this use case.

Please let me know if this was helpful or if you have any more questions.