Temporary state variable value - app instances opened in several browsers


Request your help on one query regarding temporary state variable. If there's a temporary state variable called 'state1'. Its value has been set to something in app editor e.g. '23'

If we open this app in several browsers(in either public or private mode), will changing this state variable (e.g. state1) in one app instance in some browser will affect its value in apps opened in other browser instances.

Just wanted to check that temporary state variable in all app instances will be independent and will be initialized to null in each app instances .

Request to please advise.

thanks and regards,

Hey @rkr, you are correct! Temporary State variables will not be synced across different instances of the same app, they will be isolated to each browser session for that specific app. The temp state variable will be reset to its initial value at the start of every new browser session in the app. If you reload your browser, the temp state variable will be reset. The initial value of a temp state variable might not necessarily be null, but will be whatever it is set to.

I hope that helps answer your question!


Thanks a lot, didn't know about the 'initial value' field.

Thanks a lot for the help.