No popup code editor?

Am I missing something here or is there no popup code editor available in the Workflows interface?

If so, how am I supposed to input/edit code for various values and parameters in the limited input field which doesn't seem to resize properly even if the panel size is increased?


Hi @27shutterclicks! On our end, we are seeing that if you horizontally stretch the block, the size of the editor increases. For the future however, we are additionally working on adding a popout editor for that editor. We will update you once this is done. Thanks for posting about this!

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Yes, it increases slightly but not enough. Actually, as seen in the screenshot, the first cell increases far more than needed, the operator cell less, and the actual cell that matters the least.

And if I end up stretching everything, the interface becomes hard to deal with.

I was expecting this to work like it does in Web and Mobile apps, to have a little icon that allows expanding the contents into a floating editor.