Permissions to environment

I've created a group called test.
I want to give them access only to staging environment and not to production.
I saw conversations about it a year ago. Is there any solution for that?

Was about to make a post about this and noticed it is here, I noticed @Kabirdas replied in Jan 2023 to this thread saying it was on hold

however that was an entire year ago so wondering whether this is on the roadmap for 24, and if so, where it lies?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @ben-salesi @A_A , this was released towards the end of last year for our Enterprise plans. I don't believe that this is being brought to the Team / Business plans, but will pass that feedback on!

Feels like a lot of the things that "businesses" and "teams" need are getting stuck behind the Enterprise plan - would be really interested to see this fall into the business plan at least

Thanks for passing the feedback on!