Environment level permissioning


Have another use-case where environment level permisioning is required. Is there any update on when this will be released?



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would be nice for QA testers who don't/shouldn't have access to prod data

You can do this if you put the users in a group and then once they have loaded the app can load the _environment parameter in the URL.... using urlparams, etc...

You can also, based on user roles, bake into the queries that if user is in role X and environment is "production" then disable query

Thanks Scott, however this doesn't suffice for us in terms of security concerns. We really are looking for a separation between edit access and viewer access, and environmental access more generally.

Got it - separation of church and state!

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Hey there! This is something that's currently in progress, the dev team is targeting the end of Q4 2022 as a release date :slightly_smiling_face:

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