New permission levels for Resources

We’re excited to share that additional levels of Resource permissions are now available. These features make it easier to build apps with sensitive data in a secured way.

Resource “Use” permission

We created a new “Use” access level which grants permission to run queries on a given Resource. This means Admins can now control access to sensitive Resources explicitly rather than implicitly via App access.

Resource Environment permissions

Admins on Enterprise plans can now also grant Resource permissions at the environment level.

These features are available today on Cloud and on-prem version 3.18. See our docs for more details.

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I'm using embed (retool 3.21.0) and this update caused all of our users to temporarily lose access their data. Our apps query multiple postgres database resources. This new feature defaulted to no resources being selected for every one of our permissions groups (which makes sense) but it unfortunately broke our workflow. I did not receive any warning of this new level of permissions and only figured it out upon seeing this post. Any heads up on new permissions levels to those affected would be useful.

Hi! That sounds unexpected. All users should have retained their current permissions. We will reach out to dig deeper into this!

Great, thanks!