A safer QA process in Business edition

We're using Retool self-hosted, Business edition.

We're developing an important business system. We need a way to fully test apps using a staging DB. There isn't a good way to do this in Business edition, and Enterprise is way out of budget for our small non-profit.

We considered buying a second Retool Business instance. We would test apps on staging instance, export app, then import to production instance.

However, importing an app always creates a new app. We cannot overwrite an existing app. This makes for a messy deployment process. (And Github integration is not an option in Business.)

We considered setting up staging resources on our production instance, and then tying test users to staging resources. However, there is no ability in Business edition to restrict a user to a particular environment.

Our current solution is to build the restrictions on our API. We assign test users to a Permission Group "test user", retrieve the user's groups from current_user.metadata, and grant that user access to only our staging DB.

I feel that Business users need to be thrown an Enterprise bone here :grinning:. There needs to be something that lets us test safely using non-production resources without having to roll our own code to do so. Any of these options would work:

  1. Ability to restrict a permission group to an environment, e.g. staging
  2. Github integration. (Requires we buy a second instance.)
  3. "Overwrite" option for app importing. (Requires we buy a second instance.)

Is there another approach that I'm missing?

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