Allow user permissions in 'Team' Plan

We love using retool for our internal dashboards and process automations. We upgraded to the 'Team' plan to get a staging environment, and to enable end users (our internal team members that use the dashboards we create).

It's sort of odd that the end-users can still technically edit the app, and we're only not charged for them as long as they don't hit the 'Edit' button. Meaning that the 5 "end users" are no different than free versions users – and the 'Team' plan is essentially identical to the free offering aside from the staging environment and the option for > 5 users. I plan to keep 5 users for the time being – so it seems pointless to pay $300-400 /year for a staging environment.

Would be great if we could have the Team plan included setting user permissions. We'd gladly pay for that to improve the UX for our internal team, and potential additional internal users. Otherwise there's not much benefit at all to the Team plan, and the business plan is a pretty big jump in pricing.

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I have a little trick I use for one of my clients that also only wants the team plan, but doesn't want everyone to be able to edit the app.

Add this to the URL you give them, or to your query params if you have a menu: ?_embed=true

That will remove the top bar that has the Edit button. Doesn't stop anyone from removing that from the command string to re-enable the Edit button, but keeps them from accidentally doing it.