Open application URL Scheme

Hello all,

My intention is redirect from retool app to google search + query after I click a button. I have installed Google on my device
Can I do that ?

I have done setting URL scheme google://search?q= but it's not working. Retool opened https://google//search?q= instead


You're missing after google.

Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 12.17.09 PM

Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 12.18.10 PM

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Thanks @ScottR, what you meant is open a normal URL, my intention is to open URL Scheme (Deep link)

Try to urlencode the query - the value of textInput9 query might mess up the link handler :slight_smile:

I have tried encodeURL, but it's still not working. Even with google://search only

Hello! Thanks everyone for chiming in.

Unfortunately deep linking via open URL schemes is currently not supported on Retool. Our current implementation of "Go to App URL" will not support app schemes, even if they are URL-encoded.

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@Vinh_Thieu quick amendment here! Retool Mobile supports a few URI schemes within the WebView component:

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