Connecting app A with app B through a button

hi, im trying to connect two retool apps throght a button. In the event handler im setting the action to "open APP" and selecting the app i want to open. When i run the apps in the preview mode it works perfectly. But when i try to run the apps in the Public access link it doesn't works. Does anyone knows why this happens?.

Hi @garza1098,

I think that's because of the different routing used for the "open App"/utils.openApp() and "open URL"/utils.openURL(). I think you are wanting to use the latter and that would solve this one.

The open App I think is limited to your organisation's apps space in Retool so better use this for internal linking of apps (not sure on this and I'm still exploring Retool as I go along).

Thanks @jocen. Indeed with "open URL" option works in the public link. But i used "open App" because i needed to store a "query parameter". I tried to keep both events, but it runs me only one of them not both simultaneously. Do you you know where can i set to run both of them at the time?

@garza1098, have you tried overriding the public URL by adding the query parameters? i.e. on the URL input box this with query parameter name)={{parameter value}}&(etc.)

You can even add the ternary operation here: [public link]?{{ paramValue ? 'queryParamName' + paramValue[.toString()] : '' }}.
For multiple parameters, I haven't thought much on how to do that but you get the gist from here on.

It works perfectly. @jocen Thank you so much

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