URL redirects are not possible via mobile devices (e.g. iPhone)

I have a problem - I am currently building an app and I have a URL redirect to another website outside of ReTool.

This works fine via desktop devices, but when I tried this via my iPhone 13, unfortunately it didn't work.

I used via the API call utils.openUrl('https://google.com') as well as via the embedded call from ReTool. So where you don't have to write extra JavaScript code.

Both variants did not work, I would be happy if there are solutions.


Hey @Manuel_Kollus!

So far I haven't been able to reproduce this :thinking: would you mind sharing a screenshot of the query/event handler where you're running this as well as screenshots of anything that might be attached and triggering it? It may also help if you could share an export of your app that we can take a look at!