Does Retool Mobile support deep linking?

I am trying out the Retool Mobile feature in beta. Does anyone know whether Retool Mobile support deep linking? If so, what is its uri scheme? I want to click on a link with its uri scheme to open a specific screen. Thanks.

Hey @IsaacFung, welcome to the community :hugs:

That's a splendid question, would love to know as well!

Hey hey! Doesn't look like it's supported in mobile apps. I don't see URL params in the left hand panel, though there is a section for URL params in the 3 dot menu. Let me double check with the mobile team :blush:

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Looks like we technically support a pattern like:<APP_NAME>

which will open a specific app

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Thanks for your answer. I tried it and was able to open the app with the link but I couldn't test to see if I could extract custom query parameters because my free trial ran out. According to the doc(Deep linking), it should work for the web version. It would be great if it works for the app version too!

Basically I want to get the value of code with {{urlparams.hash.code}} from the url<APP_NAME>?code=0ad186353c424c64897fcc00445c9ba1

Unfortunately this isn’t supported on native yet. If this is a blocker, we would love to understand your use case more deeply!

Also happy to see if I can potentially extend your trial so you can explore this functionality more. Will get back to you :blush:

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Thanks for your help! It is similar to oAuth. Basically there are two apps, app1 and app2. When user of app1 (what we are trying to implement with retool mobile) wants to login, they will click a button which will open app2(not implemented by us), the user will do the authorization on app2. When the user has authorized the login request, app2 should use deep link to open app1 and pass it a code(as a query parameter of the deep link url) that it can use to exchange for an access token with a server.

Hi there! We now support deep linking & have documentation on how to configure deep links for Retool Mobile. Hope this helps!