Triggering external apps from Retool Mobile

I have a mobile app that displays data related to in-progress jobs for clients, including the address of the work being done.

I am wondering if there's any way to do something like tapping on the address to open Google maps centered on that address.

We support geocoordinate URIs:

And should open Google Maps on most phones if you have it installed:

You'll need to reverse-engineer how to search for street addresses by including it as a param in the URI, it may be possible. Otherwise you can use an API to convert a street address to a geocoord and use geo:.

Yup, this is exactly the route we went for now. It does work, though we're on iPhones so it opens Apple Maps (not ideal but functional).

Would love to see the ability to trigger specific external apps in the future but for now this is working well enough.

Thanks for input!

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