No BUTTON Column Type for new Table component?

The Legacy table component had a Button column type.


The "New" table doesn't... and Actions have their place possibly as a feature, but I don't see how they can or should replace always visible, identifiable, colored buttons that the user can simply click on, without constantly hovering over a row and attempting to target the minuscule Action "button".


I see you can have icon-type columns, but they just don't look like buttons - and they're simply too small, with no option of easily setting an icon size or targeting via css.


I see you can have image-type columns, but why create multiple images with different text, when you can/should just type in the text you would like on the button.

I see there is a suggested workaround by using Tag-type column and then additional css - because for some strange reason the text inside the tag is not center aligned vertically.


What I don't see is why make the user go through any of this hassle instead of just offering a button-type column with a customizable button color and text?

Please consider adding it. Thanks.


Ya that sucks. When you have been lovin something and then the improvement doesn't include access to that love. I did use the button type on occasion but personally it didn't really like it. I found it sort of clunky, big and lacking elegance. I really do like the new tables action buttons. I also think the tag column type would work as a great button. It's coloured, has text and can easily be setup with on click events.