Revert back to old table structure? Missing a lot of features


can I somehow go back to the old table structure? I have been out for a while but now I miss a lot of features, for example

  • Column type Button
  • Add ons --> Filter, download

I am piggy-backing on this to say that the option to sort by mapped value or not in a table column is also missing


Thank you both for the feedback. The good news is that most of those features are currently in the works, and coming quite soon!

In the meantime, I have a few workarounds and follow-up questions:

For download, you can export data from the new Table component by using its exportData API, which can be accessed via Event Handlers, JS Queries, and Run script:

The only feature mentioned here that we are not planning support for is a Button column type. @SandervZ is there a reason that the new Actions feature does not work for your use case?

You can also configure column-specific cell-click Event Handlers if you'd like a clickable column:

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding the new Table component.


hello @Alexi

It's good to see new table thanks to the team. Just one thing that I think would spice things even more is the ability to have retool component in table . Can you check with the dev team and let us know if this is something that will be coming to retool .

We're definitely thinking about how to make repeatable use cases more flexible and ergonomic in Retool!

I hope to share more soon, but we're thinking about how to make List View more performant and easier to configure, and for Table, adding expandable rows to allow nesting arbitrary Retool components within rows.


As you prioritize work, the workaround here to export to CSV is extremely annoying.

Is there a reason you didn't reach parity with the existing capabilities before rolling this out? Should we expect a similar approach to changes going forward?

Hi @Ethan_Aaron

Thanks for reaching out. We really appreciate hearing what's most important to users, and I'll share your feedback with our team internally. We're still working on a few key features before we do our official marketing launch, which you can keep an eye out for here. The export to CSV feature is one of the features we're prioritizing.

The new table has been in various stages of beta before this release, and while it might not be a complete replacement yet, it functions really well as its own component. We had a lot of customers that were excited to start using the new table for it's improved performance, and we wanted to get the table out to them as soon as it was ready.

We're still actively working on feature parity between the legacy table and the new one. The dev team understands that it's really important to bring the new table into more feature parity with the legacy table before doing something like deprecating it, so in the meantime it'll still be available, and hopefully folks will benefit a lot from being able to use both. We're excited that a lot of our users are already starting to use the table, so that we can get lots of feedback that will inform how we continue to develop additional features.

In regards to your question about future releases, it likely depends on the feature. Our team always prioritizes stability and ensuring that we aren't shipping breaking changes. In addition to stability, we also prioritize getting lots of user ideas & feedback, as early as we can, so that we can ensure we're focused on the right features

Hi all! We added a table toolbar feature with download and filtering capability! :sunglasses: It's currently available on Cloud