New: Button column type on Table - now available on Cloud and Self-Hosted

Hi all! We are thrilled to announce the cloud launch of the button column type on Table!

When formatting your columns in Table, you can now choose the Button type in the Format dropdown:

We have launched this feature to 100% of cloud users, and hope to get it out to on-prem version 3.28 (which should be released on 1/25/24). Please let us know in this thread if you have any comments/suggestions.

Happy building!

– Darya


Wow, awesome news! Can't wait to replace all my hacky solutions with the actual buttons! Thanks!


It's finally here! It makes me happy to see such rapid developments. It would also be great if there was icon support.


If you use the boolean column type, you can set a true and false icon

@edurmush Would love to hear more about where you'd like icon support! How would you prefer to configure icons? Would you like to configure a 'before icon' and 'after icon'?

Hello @Darya_Verzhbinsky Actually, I expected it to have the same features as an regular button.


+1 for this

@edurmush @agaitan026 Makes sense! Agree that it would be great to have these options. Will keep you posted on expected timelines for this. Thanks for the suggestion!


This is awesome!
It's so cool to see feedback from the community helping to shape Retool.

Keep up the good work Retool team!!! :grin: :tada:


**This is seriously amazing! Bye-bye, hacky solutions, hello button paradise! :sparkles: Thank you so much!




Hi Darya, do you have any details you could share on potential release date for 3.28? We are on-prem and greatly need the table column button! :slight_smile: Thank you!

@smorrison 3.28 should be released on 1/25.

It's urgent to implement the ability to add a Menu Button, as floating buttons have been outdated for a while and are practically impossible to use on mobile devices with a touchpad!

Feature update!

Following a request from @edurmush, we have now added icon support for the button table column format:


You can set these icons in the Appearance section in the right hand inspector:

We decided to put the icons here instead of in the add-ons section in Content because we wanted to stay consistent with other table column formats, where most column specific properties lay in the Appearance section of the column’s inspector.

You can expect to see this in cloud v 3.33.0 (currently released version).

Happy building!

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@peregrinus Thank you for suggestion! I will bring this to my team.

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When it comes to the button in a table the "i" index isn't available to the hidden parameter of the button.