New: Workflows Python Custom Libraries beta

Hi all, we are excited to announce the beta of Python Custom Libraries!

In the past, workflows has had a preset number of libraries that a user can optionally include for their deployment. With the new beta, we are providing users with the opportunity to add any public PyPI library that they want. Additionally, we allow for users to copy and paste a pip freeze output into workflows to help transform one-off scripts into scheduled jobs. You will be able to customize a workflow’s libraries through the custom libraries modal in the workflow editor. If you are interested in participating, feel free to reply below with your Retool subdomain. This is available for both cloud and on-prem versions 3.20 or later. Feel free to send any feedback directly to me through a DM or in a comment below.

Here is a screenshot of how one can add a library. If you search in the “Add Python library” modal, library names and their latest versions will pop up. To select a specific version, select “Modify requirements.txt” and edit the version number.

Some limitations are

  1. A set of custom libraries has about a 500 MB size limit.
  2. Browser automations are not supported.
  3. Autocomplete may not work fully and can report an error for an installed library.

Edit (3/29/24): This is generally available to everyone on cloud! If you are on-prem, please DM or email me, and I can enable the feature for you.


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