Install python modules in Workflow

Is there any other method to use python modules in workflows other than request library (which I did).
For ex. do pip install confluent-kafka somewhere and use this module.

Hey @Oleksii_Kraievyi, there isn't currently a way to do this, but we are actively working on supporting more custom Python libraries. I can update this thread here when I have additional information on timing, etc. Thanks!

Hi @joeBumbaca
Is there any library to parse PDFs using Python?
I noticed an installed lib to create PDF files (python-pdf v0.39), but this library cannot parse PDF files.
If there isn't any available lib yet, could you install PyPDF2, please?

@Rodrigo_Zembrzuski I don't believe any of the currently imported python libraries are capable of parsing PDFs. I'll submit a feature request to add this one, and as mentioned above we are actively working on allowing custom libraries so you won't have to request one-offs such as PyPDF2.

@joeBumbaca, I'm glad to hear that we will be able to manage our libraries!
Is there an estimate to install the PyPDF2 library?

Hey @Rodrigo_Zembrzuski There is not an eta but I will update you here when I have any additional information.

Hi @joeBumbaca
I understand that there is not an ETA yet. However, would you tell me how long similar requests usually take to be executed?