New: Workflows JavaScript Custom Libraries Beta

Hi all, we are excited to announce the beta of JavaScript Custom Libraries! This release follows our ongoing beta for Python Custom Libraries.

In the past, workflows came with a preset selection of libraries that users could optionally include for their deployment. With this new beta, you will have the flexibility to add any public npm package you desire. Additionally, you'll be able to copy and paste your package.json into workflows, simplifying the process of transforming one-off scripts into scheduled jobs. You will be able to customize a workflow’s libraries through the custom libraries modal in the workflow editor.

If you're interested in participating in this beta, simply reply below with your Retool subdomain. This feature is available for both cloud and on-prem versions 3.32 or later. We have some documentation available and we welcome any feedback you may have, either by leaving a comment below or sharing directly with me via DM or by emailing me at

Some limitations are

  1. A set of custom libraries has about a 500 MB size limit.
  2. Browser automation libraries (like Puppeteer) are not supported.


Hi @colind :pray:

can you enable for metzgerinsuranceagency please?


We'll give it a try as well! Thanks

We would love to try it out:
Many thanks

@colind Is this supported when embedding Retool as well?

Is this feature compatible with embbeded apps ? because I received a login screen errpr(the same one that you receive when using storage images in embedded apps) when implemented it in my app.

@shawnhoffman @amilcarSanchez If you mean can you run workflows that use custom libraries from apps you should be able to: fully custom libraries should not impact that at all

@colind Thank you for your response. But I experienced a UI crash on my embedded app environment when using custom libraries beta in a retool app, However after commenting the line where I was calling the retool workflow with custom libraries beta, the UI worked again in the embedded environment. Moreover I can confirm that the beta was working when when I was testing my app, in the retool environment.

Hey @colind!

Been very excited for this one. Would you mind adding ?