Custom Components Beta

:wave: Hi everyone! We're super excited to announce a new version of :sparkles: custom components :sparkles: and would love for you to try it out! In this new version, you can write your own components locally in React, and then deploy them to Retool and use them like any other component. Now you can quickly build Kanban boards, instant chat clients, Tableau integrations, PDF viewers, or any other React component that isn't already built into Retool! :partying_face:

We have documentation and guiding examples to get you up to speed -- feel free to drop your org name below if you're interested! As you're trying out the beta, you can drop feedback in this post, hop on a call with our team, or join us in our #beta-custom-components channel in the Power Users Slack or Discord. :confetti_ball:

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Add it to my space.
Org: masonproservices

:scream: add for me please!!

@PadenM and @mitchmess Added for both of you! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback :slight_smile:

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@sacha and @DavidS Just enabled for you! Excited to hear what you think :slight_smile:

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Looks cool! Can we get it at as well? Thanks!

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