New Beta: Visual Refresh of Component Library

Hi all! We are excited to announce the beta launch for the visual refresh of the component library! These will mostly be small style changes, and pre-existing style overrides will still be upheld.

Below are screenshots of before/after visual refresh, but some primary changes are:

  • Utilizing a slightly different color palette
  • Changing the active and hover state appearance for buttons and inputs
  • Removing borders on input attachments and buttons
  • Fixing inconsistencies with component spacing, font weight, border radius, etc.
  • Tab and Navigation components have a different look now!

Please leave a comment in this thread or DM me if you’d like me to turn this feature on for your org, and feel free to leave a comment in this thread or DM me with any feedback you have (note that this is currently cloud only).

Happy building!
– Brenna




please enable it to :slight_smile: thank you!

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Finally moving away from that tint of Blue! :hugs:

Can you turn this on the practice environment?

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Could you enable this for ? Thank you so much!

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@agaitan026 done!

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@JoeyKarczewski done!

@ilmari done!

will be good to have also this styled with that new blue

the s3 uploader button

thank you !

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Great! Please enable it to :slight_smile: thank you!

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Please enable for me as well

@agaitan026 good catch! We'll update that component's color and roll out that change soon

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@LinoPino done!

@ScottR What are your orgs? I can then turn on the feature for your entire org!

For now just my personal ( - thanks!

Would love it turned on for ( -

@David_Bows turned it on for but doesn't seem to exist - did you mean a different org?

@ScottR turned on!

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Sorry its - Not sure who has

@David_Bows made the fix!

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