When a "header" component included, click sidebar or button causes app to shift up 40 pixels

Is there a known issue with the 'new layout'? When I view an app and click a button or on the sidebar, the app moves up by about 40 pixels. This did not happen with the old layout. So, clicking a button or any interaction causes the app to shift upwards. This only affects the app, not the sidebar. Any idea?

@LinoPino do you have a video or way I can reproduce this? I don't think we've encountered this issue yet so I'm happy to investigate!

@brenna.chen Here you go :slight_smile:


@LinoPino I've temporarily deactivated visual refresh for your org; could you verify if the issue still persists? I'm trying to bisect if it is an issue with visual refresh!

@brenna.chen Issue still persists.... hmm strange behavior. Any thoughts on the issue?
And.. could you enable the visual refresh once again since the issue still persists?

@LinoPino sorry for the delayed response! I'll take a look and file a ticket for this :slight_smile:

@brenna.chen Many thanks for your help on this one.

Did some testing and found out that when a "header" component is created/added this behavior pops up. Only with a sidebar and main app there is no upward shift from the main app. I guess more people have this issue since there is no pre-loaded js or css for my apps.

Once again many thanks for your time and effort!