New app, working query, no data

Hello dear comunity. I try to do a new app.
Working query, that gives results.
select * from s_f__logs

In data grip it returns proper results.

But in retool for some reason the table is empty. Why could that be?

Weird. I've never seen this. Do you maybe have more than 1 SQL instance with the same table name and one has data and the other doesn't? Like Production vs Development or something. I'd suggest double checking your resource settings.

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Thank you for your reply. No, i wish i did.. It is the same db. It contains data. I can change to different table and see the output(All tables have data). But this particular ends up like that(

Here is the same db, changing only tables)) BOTH have data

Hi @Bogdan_Mind that is very strange :thinking: Are you able to add a record to this table within Retool and then query it in both places? Retool shouldn't be doing any other manipulation. Any chance the data is cached in Retool & only recently added to your database? It might be worth clearing cache in addition to trying an upload query

tried adding and deleteing, still empty table. ANy other ideas?(((

//update. Recreated app and now it shows!!) thank you

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