New Table - display wrong data

I attached the exported app below


  1. Create a query: I request to any API and put this code in the transformer:
return _.range(1, 500).map(i => ({ v: i, k: i }))
  1. Create a table to display that data
  2. Scroll down the table a little and see the issue. The v and k must have the same value. I checked the data and sure it's the same.


Hi @hiep95 Thanks for reaching out! I haven't been able to reproduce this issue internally :disappointed: are you still seeing this same behavior in new tables? What version of Retool are you using?

Spoke too soon! :grin: I'm not able to reproduce this on Cloud (the latest version of Retool), but I do see this on our recent on-prem versions. I'll follow up after looking into this internally

It seems like we have a bug with the width of the column on version 3.10. Is that the version you're using? Is this the behavior you're seeing? Expanding the width of the column should show the correct #s :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks, it was because of the column width.
It's not important but it will be better if the column width got correct. I'm using self hosted 3.14.2.

I believe this is fixed now :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also solve this by enabling auto column width on the table under Appearance -> Advanced

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