SQL query, preview returns data but "Run" returns "404"

I'm using a MySQL connection through SSH.

The connection went OK.
The query, clicking "Preview" returns the supposed data.
The query, when clicking "Run" returns

  • statusCode:404
  • error:"Not Found"
  • message:"Unable to retrieve information about the query "eupago""
  • data:null

Does anyone have a clue why this might be happening ?


This is an especially weird scenario. Both the previewed query and the query that is actually run should be the same in this state, the only difference that comes to mind is that the one which is run is saved to the app and the previewed query could potentially have an unsaved state.This could be from a fringe caching scenario, would you mind testing after fully clearing your browser cache? If you are still seeing the same thing after, we will need to take a closer look. Could you write in through the in-app chat in the bottom right of the editor to confirm ownership and let us know it is OK with you if we open up the app from our end?

We’ll post back in this thread afterwards with any findings

Hi Alex,

Ok. Will start a chat in-app. See you people there.

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We resolved this over chat, but I’m posting our solution here as well for the rest of the community :slightly_smiling_face:This issue was a result of the 2 week free trial of Retool ending. After the trial expires, you can open your apps in the editor, but you need to select a plan before you can save changes to your queries. While we can preview unsaved changes, we cannot save and run the query changes until a plan is selected.

If you see the trial expired banner at the top of your screen, please select a plan to continue using and editing your apps. Even if you opt for the free plan, you’ll need to have an admin in your organization navigate to the billing page and select the plan you want to use.

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