Retool Database Disconnected From Apps

While editing one of my apps, the app itself seems to have become disconnected from the Retool postgres database. When I try to preview the query "select * from "locomotives" I get an error message in the output tab:

"datasource run failed.
message:"relation "locomotives" does not exist"

Also the Schema tab has this message:

" No schema found
Check if your resource is properly set up and you have access."

The Resource is set to "Retool Database" and the database itself seems to be fine.
I even tried creating a new app from the database with only this one table with no luck.

Stranger still is that this problem has also affected one of my other apps which is no longer functioning even though I didn't modify it! That makes me think it is an issue on the database side. Another app that uses the same tables is still working fine.

In one posting someone talked about a database refresh button but I cannot find that in the new IDE.

Any suggestions for finding the problem and fixing it? I'm desperate since our employees cannot log their work while this app is not working!

The answer was simple. I had switched to "Staging" while I was trying to debug my app. This caused the app to be disconnected from the production database.

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