Multi-level table (select row, expand child object)

Sorry, neglected to update here!

Now live on cloud we have support for:

  • Programmatically updating Table's grouping through a setGrouping API. Example usages:
table1.setGrouping(['role', 'enabled'])
table1.setGrouping({ columnId: 'role', sortDirection: 'desc' })
table1.setGrouping([{ columnId: 'role', sortDirection: 'asc' }, { columnId: 'enabled', sortDirection: 'desc' }])
  • A native UI for end-users to configure grouping and multi-column sorting. You can add these buttons from Table's Toolbar editor!

Happy building!


Very good work.

Hi @Alexi and Retool Team, new to the forums here -
Is there any update on your point 4 here, where actions could still potentially be used on an entire grouping?

This would be very useful to be able to apply an action to all of the records relating to that sub-group within a table. I was able to achieve something similar by adding an action anyway inside of the group which then iterated over that group and set the value in the backend, and then refreshed the table, but that's of course not ideal.

E.g. Let's say I want to set a date column for all of the rows in a group - if I had a single action at the group level which popped up a modal and prompted for input(s), then I could "Set the Value for All Rows Within Selected Group". This would be executed within the front-end only, which would allow the user to review before saving changes to the Backend/DB as well. If there are nested groups, the application would apply down to the lowest level of the hierarchy for all relevant rows.

Thank you for all of your great work on Retool!