Visual issues with groups in new table component

Here are a few visual issues in the new table component when groups are being used. For reference consider this example:

The first issue is that when the table is loaded with data and displayed all groups are retracted. Like this:


I would like the option to "open" the table with all groups expanded. Better yet some API controls to let me customize it.

Second issue. The group column takes up a lot of space. It would be nice to support this style:


Third. I cannot get a tooltip to work on the group title. If it's possible, please advise. That would be a short term solution because I could make the title short and hard to understand and then explain it in a tooltip.

Fourth. If a table has any sort of complex filtering going on the option of opening groups which have rows selected by the filter and closing groups which have zero rows visible because of the filter would be a "nice to have" feature.


An option to show all of the groups expanded would be awesome. Please and thanks!

+1 the idea of having an API for managing groups. It would greatly enhance the flexibility and usability of the table component.

Here are some features that we would greatly appreciate:

  1. User-Controlled Grouping: It would be fantastic if users could have the autonomy to group and ungroup data based on their specific needs. This would empower them to tailor the display to their preferences and tasks.
  2. Custom Group Sorting: The ability to define custom sorting rules for grouped data would be incredibly valuable. This way, users can arrange groups in a way that makes the most sense to them.
  3. Group Expandability: Offering options for group expandability is essential. Allowing some groups to be initially collapsed while others are expanded by default would provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Additionally, giving users the ability to expand and collapse groups at will would further enhance the interactive aspect of the table, accommodating a wide range of use cases.

+1 for flexibility regarding management of groups
+1 for ways for controlling whether a group is open/closed (at the bare bare minimumm it should at least be persisting)
+1 the issue about space. >>> Second issue. The group column takes up a lot of space. It would be nice to support this style:

Thanks all! Will update you if any of these ship

Hi all,

Most of this feedback is still in our queue to be worked on, but I wanted to share that we did add a setGrouping API for programmatically grouping table rows (as with our other component apis, you can access it via event handlers or JS queries):

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