Multi-level table (select row, expand child object)

Be able to have nested objects expand and contact on row select.

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This will be a very useful feature for data grid to have a nested hierarchy. I will second this request.


I need this feature too!

+1 for nested data in tables.

+1 for this feature!




Excited to share that we're actively working on this! Our initial feature allows you to choose columns by which rows should be grouped. Table builds a tree of your rows by shared values in those columns, and allows end-users to quickly drill-down into a specific group. Here's an example of a countries dataset grouped by continent, region, and subregion:

CleanShot 2023-06-07 at 09.56.11

This feature could be live on cloud as early as next week!


@Alexi any updates on this feature?

@daltonconley looks like this has been added, you can enable this by going to 'advanced settings' and then choosing the field to group by:

@Alexi thanks for the feature! Is there a way to add a setting to make the groups expanded by default?

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Frustrating to learn what's new by accident + no chance for input before release. Posted on that on discord

@AM-BE not yet, but we are definitely going to add that! would you want to expand all rows, only top-level groups, or something in-between?

I've filed the request internally, and we'll post back here when it's available.

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@yiga2 appreciate that feedback, we're actively working to add more transparency to our releases, and ensure documentation is available at the time of launch.

For this feature in particular, we figured going straight to GA was low risk due to the simplicity of how it's configured--choosing columns to group by--and is unlikely to change.

However, we are absolutely still interested in and value your input! There's a ton of directions we could take row grouping, and would definitely appreciate any guidance on what we should prioritize.

Feel free to follow up here, on Discord, or via DM.

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I think the most flexible option would be to allow this to be set per group:


So for the example above, being able to select Expand/retract by default on both the Office and Name groups.

In addition to this, it would be great if the group(s) could be chosen dynamically as well. In that case the grouping could be changed with a button/switch etc. In the example that you gave above, this could mean that one view would be to group by continent, and allowing the user to change this to grouping by currency if they so choose.

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Very Nice!

I have only played with it for a couple of minutes, but I have a couple of suggestions.

  1. I'd like to second @AM-BE in requesting a dynamic configuration.
  2. Repeat the grouped column values. For example here I see the Mini Patch types in Aptos:

But scroll down a bit further and the user loses context for what they are looking at:

Not sure the best way to handle this: Values in breadcrumbs in a header, sticky header, repeat grouped column values in each row?

  1. I just know a client is going to ask me to sort the grouping in descending order, like group by date desc.
  1. I created an Action to see what would happen. The action displays on detail rows as well as group rows. I set a showNotification action.onClick to see whatcurrentRow would be. Clicking a detail row behaves as you would expect. However, clicking a group row returns all nulls in currentRow

The behavior I would expect is to at least return the value of the columns the groups are based on.

In my #2 example above, if you clicked the action button on Aptos, 'currentRow` would contain the values product_type and town_name but the remaining properties would still be null.


@bradlymathews @AM-BE thank you both for the feedback!

  1. For dynamic grouping, we are planning on adding an optional toolbar item for end-users to configure groups. Would that be a sufficient solution?

  2. We are also looking into configurable default expansion and sorting for groups. Right now they default closed and sorted descending, but that will be configurable soon!

  3. Yes, losing the grouped value context on scroll is definitely an issue. We're exploring solutions to this now!

  4. Good point, we're still thinking about how the grouped rows should be represented in those actions. In the short term we'll probably remove actions from grouped rows and expose more configuration options in the future. That likely means exposing more variables in the Event handlers so you can easily reference all of the detail rows that are children.

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  1. Great idea! But we are mostly programmers here and we tend to be micromanagers, so giving us some programmability would also be desirable.

  2. Yeah, removing them is probably the best short term solution.

I agree with @bradlymathews on some programmability here